The Dermatology Unit of the Türkiye Hospital serves our patient from 08.30 to 16.30 on weekdays and from 08.30 to 12.30 on Saturday.

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All acute skin disorders, such as dermatologic disorders, burning, and injuries, are diagnosed and treated in our clinic. Modern techniques are used for treatment of aesthetical problems on the skin.

Peeling, mesotherapy, cellulite treatment and mesolift procedures and Botox applications are successfully performed in our clinic.

Hair Transplantation



Hair transplantation has a history of 50 years, and now, most recent developments enable us to transplant each hair fiber individually.


Hair transplantation can be defined as the procedure which involves collecting hair fibers by means of a micro-motor from the region between two ears and neck, where there is no hair loss due to the nature of human, or from different regions in the body (such as the chest) and transferring these fibers to the region in the head where hair loss is present according to natural hair growth direction under the influence of anesthesia.
By using Fue technique; the donor region heals rapidly, and pain and stitch mark is not the case for the region, where hair fibers are collected.


The procedure last 5 hours and the patient is free to go home after it is completed. The hair can be washed in 2 days following the procedure. In approximately 6 hours, hair fibers will reach 5-6 cm of length and have the original features.

In hair transplantation which involves transplantation of grafts having 1-4 hair fibers each, also known as micro-graft, the results are satisfactory, and this method can provide successful remedial results even in cases where the previous hair transplantation operation had resulted in unpleasant appearance.


HAIR TRANSPLANTATION REQUIRES EXPERTISE AND TRUST Success of a hair transplantation directly relies on expertise and knowledge of the physician, quality of the materials used and the cooperation amongst the practitioners.

In the Turkiye Hospital, which is the first address of trust and peace in the healthcare, hair transplantation is performed under sterile conditions in our specially equipped hair transplantation room by the our expert staff.

2nd day following hair transplantation (receiver site)


2nd day following hair transplantation (donor site)

In FUE technique, hair units are separately collected and this technique does not require any incision.
The most important advantage of this technique is lack of mark on the donor area, or in other words, there is no scar tissue.

Before Hair Transplantation

After Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is the second most common procedure in male cosmetic surgery, following rhinoplasty. Having a history of almost 50 years, the hair transplantation have developed significantly in the last 5 years, enabling us to transplant hair units individually. In hair transplantation which involves transplantation of grafts having 1-3 hair fibers each, also known as micro-graft, the results are satisfactory, and this method can provide successful remedial results even in cases where the previous hair transplantation operation had resulted in unpleasant appearance.

The patient can be discharged immediately after the operation, which lasts approximately about 5-8 hours and carried out under local anesthesia and microscopic visualization. In the following day, the dressing is replaced on the region where hair follicles are collected. The day after, the donor region can be washed with shampoo. As placement of grafts in small needle cavities result in less damage, the healing is faster, enabling the hair to grow in a smoother and earlier . Hair units, which reach approximately 5-6 cm of length in 6 months, continue to grow and re-gain their desired features.

Both of them are micro-graft methods.  FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the method which is based on individual transfer of hair follicles without needing to cut the tissue with hair. Motorized FUE method is applied in our clinic, enabling us to transplant 2500 grafts (6-7 thousand hair units) in one session. The area without hair can be covered in one session, regardless of the size. According to the size of the area and difficulty of the surgery, the operation is completed in 5-8 hours. The donor site (the area where the hair is collected) is covered with antibiotic dressing. Two days later, the dressing is opened and the entire scalp is washed. As the operation does not involve any incision or stitch, the patient does not feel any pain, and only 1-2 painkiller pills and 4-day oral antibiotherapy will be sufficient. Having the size of a needle, cavities are opened on the forehead area, and these cavities embrace the hair follicle grafts, eliminating any requirement for additional dressing.
Some of transplanted hair is lost in a week, while others start to grow without any loss. Hair growth is also observed on the baseline hair loss zone 3 months later. Hair units, which are initially thin and rare, start to grow stronger. Maximum efficiency is acquired in 10 months at the latest.
As the FUE method does not involve any incision, there will be no incision scar and there will be only less hair on occipital scalp. Also, the healing process does not cause any pain for the patient due to absence of any incision.
Also, as graft is obtained from a wider area in FUE method, more hair follicles and grafts can be transplanted in one session (nearly two times more than FUT). Motorized FUE method is the gold standard method, which provides best results.


The concept of healthy and beautiful aging emerges as human life prolongs.

Painless and easy-to-perform methods enjoy a significant interest for treatment of age independent problems, such as wrinkles and sweating. Botox is one of the above specified methods. Botox is a toxin produced by a bacteria, and it has been used in the medicine for long time, while this method is known to eliminate problems such as wrinkles and sweating without requiring any surgical operation.

Botox has been used actively in the field of medicine for spasms caused by neurological diseases or other conditions such as strabismus, and ,it has also become a therapeutic method in the field of dermatology.

Treatment of wrinkle with Botox

Botox, being the commercial name for botulinum toxin type A, is used as a cosmetic treatment method which eliminates wrinkles and lines on the face and neck.

Botox is also found to be effective for treatment of dynamic wrinkles which occur due to over-working of muscles.

Movements such as laugh or frowning, also known as mimic, cause formation of wrinkles on the face due to intense repetitions. These wrinkles gradually deepen over time. This becomes an aesthetical concern. Thanks to Botox injection, these wrinkles can be decreased significantly or eliminated completely.

Botox is found to be especially effective in the elimination of wrinkles on the face, or in other words between two eyebrows, and of horizontal lines on the forehead and wrinkles near the eye, also referred as "crow's feet" winkles. Recently, ladies prefer to use Botox also for eyebrow lifting.

The main aim in Botox treatment is eliminating or weakening the muscle which plays an important role in formation of relevant wrinkles.

Regarded as a very effective method by specialists, Botox ceases the communication between muscles and nerves soon after it is injected, and thus, the skin gains a smoother appearance. Botox is also used as an effective agent for elimination of over-sweating in armpits and palms (hyperhydrosis).

Application of Botox

A minimal pain can be felt by some patients, who define the pain as ""mosquito bite", while Botox is administered. Following this application that does not require anesthesia, the patient can go on with his/her life. The most common adverse effect of Botox application, which lasts 15 minutes at most, is tiny blemishes on injection regions.

Effects will be visible 5 to 7 days later and the method provides a wrinkle-free appearance for a duration of 5-7 months. At the end of this period, Botox administration should be repeated. The duration of the effect may be extended up to 12 months, if number of applications is increased.


Peeling is applied successfully for treatment of sun spots or acne marks.

Peeling can be applied for any problem that may bother you when you look at the mirror, such as wrinkles, spots or blemishes. According to experts, autumn and spring seasons are ideal time frames for peeling application.

Peeling is performed using glycolic acid, a type of acid which is derived from sugarcane, and it treats undesired skin conditions successfully, such as brown spots, wrinkles and acne marks .

Peeling, also referred as skin rejuvenation, renews dead and damaged cells at the outer layer of the skin, enabling formation of a new and fresh skin layer. This method peels skin pores and compresses the skin, resulting with a bright and smooth appearance. Peeling also provides a fundamental moisture balance for the skin. By assisting collagen production and increasing collagen quality, the application results with a smoother skin.

Peeling, on the other hand, is not a simple application after all.

The application is not limited to the physician's therapy. The individual, who desires to get rid of the problems on his/her skin, is also required to use the prescribed glycolic acid products regularly at home.

Outcomes of peeling: Number of peeling sessions vary according to extent of skin problems. Following results are acquired by frequent application of peeling sessions under supervision of the physician:

  • Improvement in acne and acne scars
  • Disappearance of sun spots and aging and pregnancy spots
  • Decrease in photo-aging (sun-induced skin aging)
  • Decrease in the formation of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Decrease in excessive oil secretion (sebum)
  • Enhancement in dry and scaling skin conditions
  • Enhancement in dull, unhealthy skin appearance with tone differences

Smooth solution in wrinkles

Tissue filling materials are used for providing a fine solution to wrinkles on the face.

Tissue filling materials play an important role in treatment of wrinkles which occur due to inevitable effects of aging and sun rays.

Crow's feet wrinkles around the eye, lines between eyebrows, lines on the forehead, and lines near the mouth can be eliminated by using special filling materials.

Using these tissue fillers, Dermatology Department of the Turkiye Hospital has been providing a successful treatment plan for wrinkles for many years. Thanks to this application which takes no more than 30 minutes, our patients are provided with a younger skin and able to return daily life without any delay. Many different materials may be used as filling materials, including but not limited to Juvederm, Hylaform, Rofilan, Reviderm, Perlane and Restylane.

This procedure is performed by means of a natural material called hyaluronic acid, a compound which is already included in the natural structure of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is used for elimination of facial wrinkles, aging lines as well as scars of acne and chicken pox. The material is also used widely for providing fuller and thicker lips.

Application of tissue filling material

Appearing like a transparent gel, the Hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin by means of special injectors. This gel improves the area of wrinkles immediately. The procedure can be completed as soon as 30 minutes, as no initial tests are required. Hyaluronic acid stays in the zone of application for 6 months, but it does not cause allergic reactions.


Being a medical procedure which is also referred as "medium skin treatment", mesotherapy is used for treatment of cellulite, localized weight loss, hair loss and stretch marks in the Dermatology Clinic of the Turkiye Hospital. Aiming to get the best and quickest results with lowest dosage, the Mesotherapy is applied to the skin by means of special needles. Special medicine formulas with zero adverse affects are injected in middle layer of the skin. A cocktail is prepared using herbal drugs and vitamins, which are imported from France and destruct fat tissue, reinforce micro-circulation, resolves edema and regenerate the tissue.

Mesotherapy, although varies according to the extent of the problem, is applied 10 sessions on average

Treatment of Cellulites: The orange peel skin disappears in 4 to 6 sessions, while cellulite is completely eliminated at the end of 10th session. This, of course, results in a physically thinner appearance.

In 8 to 10 sessions, hair loss is reduced while hair growth is increased with enhanced strength and vitality.



Mezolift is another method which is applied for treatment of undesired effects of stress, sun, smoking, aging and alcohol on the skin.

Mezolift method involves injection of a nourishing and revitalizing blend of vitamins and natural remedies that accelerate blood circulation by means of a fine needle. Mezolift is a painless method, which is suggested to be applied in 6 sessions for a significantly satisfactory result. After mesolift is applied, blood circulation of the skin improves, while collagen and binding tissue formation are enhanced.

This method can easily eliminate wrinkles on face, neck, décolleté and particularly on hands.