Historical and Natural Beauty at the heart of the city

Turkiye Hospital Complex is located on an open area of 17.000 square meters in Şişli, the heart of Istanbul. Turkiye Hospital is characterized with being rare environments, where unique architecture, history and natural beauties are combined and the city is refreshed with our green gardens and landscape.


Hospital building has historical value for both architecture and functioning, and the historical pattern is carefully preserved , while it is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.


Having total capacity of 60 beds and 6 operating rooms, our hospital offers a wide spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at well-equipped laboratory and diagnosis units, and we are rightfully proud for closely monitoring technological advances in this sector and leading the way in many fields.


Environment-friendly hospital

Turkiye Hospital acts in accordance with the responsibility of putting into effect the awareness of environmental protection and environment-friendliness. Environment is carefully protected, while efforts are made for human health, based on the principle that environment is the inevitable part of human health.


We have a large garden, where many trees and plants are surrounding our historical hospital building, and we grow many flowers and seedling in our mini botanic garden, which is a sign of environment-friendly approach.


Many waste containers are placed in hospital garden, while there are specific containers for glass waste and dead batteries in order to make friends of Türkiye to participate to this environment-friendly approach. Medical waste is collected in specific containers at distant localizations, and such waste is taken by specially designed vehicles of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and they are disposed by incineration (900-1200 ° C).


Integration with the public

In addition to safe healthcare services, we do attach specific important to increase awareness of the society on health and healthcare. For this purpose, we publish a journal titled "Reçete (Prescription)".


The content of the free-of-charge journal "Reçete" is totally comprised of health information, and the journal is quarterly published.


We believe that the Journal "Reçete" is an important information source for health-related matters, and it has been continuously published since 1998. The Journal Reçete some distinctive features, including but not limited to the content and continuous publication, and accordingly, it can be speculated that it is the only publication in this field in Turkey.


The Reçete is offering health information to all segments of the society.


We care about the communication

We are acting carefully to share our health & healthcare knowledge with our public. We offer all information to our society using any and all communication tools.

The information is shared not only via the Journal Reçete, but also via our web sites.

For this purpose, we are publishing below specified web sites.