Dear our Visitors, Dear friends of Türkiye


We, the Turkiye Hospital, adopt the duty of offering correct healthcare service(s) based on correct diagnosis against an affordable price in a timely manner.


Doing this honorable duty, we follow the principle of "patient satisfaction". All personnel of Turkiye Hospital act very careful to sustain and survive this principle.


Undoubtedly, we know that there is no limit of the concept "satisfaction". Accordingly, we believe that we should continuously improve our structure in addition to closely monitoring modern technology in order to reach better and more satisfactory outcomes.


We do also believe that irrespective of high contemporary and well-developed our services are, the society will have no benefit, if they are not offered at an affordable price.


Turkiye Hospital is standing at a point, where all such principles and concepts are combined; we are on our way to offer highest quality healthcare at cost-effective price.


We will never forget that error-free service requires error-free knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.


Based on our new projects and progresses, we intend to be the healthcare facility, where best healthcare services are offered to you, by further developing and improving the Turkiye Hospital.


We wish you a healthy life based on above specified intent and beliefs.


Best Regards